Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Nails | 5 Ways To Nude Nails...

I love having that nude look on my nails, I feel it makes me look that bit more sophisticated, elegant and is a no-fuss sort of look. Sometimes, it can look a bit boring just having a simple nude nail (I like it), but I have a few different tips on how to sport nude nails.

  1. You can always jazz up a nude nail by adding a metallic tip, which is the new and current take on the traditional french manicure. The way to do it is to go tone-on-tone, so if you went for a pink neutral shade as the base, pair it with a sparkly rose tip. For a yellow/caramel base, pair it with an orangey copper, and if it's a blue base or has a blue undertone then go for a silvery gold tip. Make it what works for you.
  2.  Make sure that your nails are in the best condition. Do you ever get those milky hues/patches on your nails? Yeah, they show that you're not having enough calcium, so make sure that you get that in your system. Other things can help, such as a nice, gentle nail polish remover and use a nourishing hand and nail cream, to keep those hands and cuticles moisturised and tidy. Try and avoid having brittle nails, as they'll break easily and boost growth with a strengthening treatment.
  3. If you have short nails and can't get them to grow, or keep breaking them or have to keep them short for school or work, then you can fake longer nails. Start with a base coat to make your polish last longer. Then place a small, round reinforcement sticker (the type used to strengthen holes in paper) over the base of each nail, so the top crescent lines the outer rim of the moon of your nail. Apply two coats of coloured polish and remove the sticker quickly to avoid smudging. Then paint your nude into the crescent, sealing it with a top coat.
  4. Go for the gel effect, this may be your opportunity to splurge on a long-lasting, salon gel manicure. However, if you can't face the ball-ache pain of the acetone soak afterwards to remove it, choose a gel-finish nude instead from the drugstore. The gel polishes last longer than regular nail polish, gives a gel-like finish and can be wiped off easily with acetone-free nail polish remover.
  5. Most importantly invest in a high-quality, fine-grit, glass-fibre nail file, this will help prevent your nails from peeling. This type of nail file ensures the layers of keratin that form your nails remain sealed at the edges. However, to avoid breakage, always file in the same direction, starting from the outer side of your nail and move it to the middle before swapping sides. Make sure all your nails are an equal length and shape for a polished nail. A soft, slightly rounded shape, with tips an eighth of an inch long, is the best low-maintenance option. 


  1. I love nude nails it suits you down to the ground, definitely gonna invest in some new nail polish x

  2. So pretty! - Really enjoy your blog :) x

  3. I really really enjoy your blog! Its so sheek and beautiful


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