Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Hair Saviours

Having ombre'd hair has made me become very precious about my hair routine, what used to be something very simple and easy, has now become quite a long list of things to do. I now rotate between different shampoo and conditioners, as well as different sprays and treatments, to ensure that I limit the amount of damage and retain as much moisture as possible. There are two products that I have absolutely loved which has made sure that my hair has remained silky smooth and doesn't look or feel dry/damaged. 

I have always loved moroccan oil, but I appreciate it even more now. Usually, I'll pop a fair sized amount on to my hands, rub them together and then use my fingers to run it through my hair, making sure I especially moisturise the ends. I usually do this when I have just washed my hair and sometimes on a daily basis before I head out the door, or even when I'm just staying in. I can really feel a difference with my hair, it makes it feel so moisturised, bouncy and smooth, as well as making it smell delicious. 

Along with the moroccan oil, my hairdresser recommended that I used a deep conditioner/hair treatment, once a week after I'd just ombre'd my hair, as I was stripping it of its natural colour and therefore, it was going to be dry. I already had this moroccan oil hair treatment (not my one, but very similar) and now use this once a week. I was my hair with shampoo which opens all the hair follicles, then apply the treatment all over my hair and leave it in over night and in the morning just wash it out. Like the oil, this makes my hair super soft and really healthy, maintaining it's moisture, it looks nice and feels good. 


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