Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Life | A Weekend in Newcastle

I had a really great weekend last week. My dad's partner lives in Newcastle and so I decided to pay them a visit and check it out, as I'd never been there before! After getting on a train at 7:30pm with a grumbly tummy, sitting next to a man who liked staring in to space, 3 and a half hours later I arrived. It was too late to really see anything out the car window, but I did arrive to an onion omelette waiting for me which was delicious. 

The next day, I went and had my cards read, as well as my palm by a lovely lady with an even lovelier dog called Alfie. I recorded it and I don't know how to feel about it, I'm unsure on whether to believe it all or not, so we'll see the accuracy of her reading in the years to come. Afterwards, I went and chilled back at home whilst my dad and his partner did some work. In the evening, we went to a yummy Italian restaurant called 'Prima' and it was fantastic. I had a penne arrabiata with some spinach added, then had a baileys creme brûlée, which you can see pictured above. We also went for cocktails at Browns afterwards. That evening, Lesley and I went in her hot tub and watched the stars. 

On Saturday we went in to town and popped in to a few shops, as well as stopping off for a latte. My dad had to run a few errands in the town and so Lesley and I went to Primark and H&M and bought a few things. That evening I met her son and his family, we had a lovely dinner at a family-friendly pub, where I had scampi & chips with a nice salad. Afterwards, we went back home and watched the 'Grand Budapest Hotel' which is amazing - you'll see this featured in my July Favourites! 

Sunday consisted of a music festival, which was really fun, even though it rained for a bit it was still a fu experience. This took up most of the day which ended in fish and chips, which is always a good thing. I did enjoy my time in Newcastle and thought that it was a lovely place to be, I can understand why students would want to go there! I do miss Rupert though and so it'll be lovely to see him again, hope you're not too bored with my waffling! Speak soon pumpkins ❤︎


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  1. I live in Newcastle, and to me its pretty boring and dull but I hope you had a great time. If you visit again you should spend a day at the Dene Grove in South Gosforth. It's really nice to just stroll around and just enjoy the nature, there's a nice little waterfall x


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