Friday, July 11, 2014

The Makeup | Benefit POREfessional Primer

I've been using this primer for quite some time now after being persuaded to buy it by the Benefit make up artist in John Lewis - she needs a promotion or a pay rise. I believe that this particular primer was released quite a few years ago, but never thought to purchase it. I wasn't one to be really interested in to primers, to have to add another step to my makeup routine seemed a bit excessive to me, but after using a Bourjois primer, I was converted. Learning that the Benefit POREfessional was supposed to minimise pores and mattify the skin - it seemed perfect for me, a person who has quite oily skin and would like to minimise any trace of my pores. 

After a couple of uses, I then began to really see what the product could do. I do think it does what it says on the tin, but as I said, for me it took some time to work its magic and I'm unsure why. It does leave the skin feeling super soft, does minimise pores, gets rid of oil and leaves skin with a flawless finish ready for my foundation or concealer. When I don't use this primer, I do see a difference where my makeup doesn't last throughout the day, my skin is oiler and my foundation doesn't seem as flawless when applied. 

I was using a tiny tube of the stuff as it was a tester and it lasted me so, so long, so I have high hopes for my full-sized version. At £24.50, it isn't cheap but it is worth investing in when you have oily skin, or prefer a matte base or even if you feel a bit conscious about your pores - this is a primer worth purchasing. I'm now a bit worried that I won't try any other primer ever again...


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  1. I use this primer nearly everyday and I really like it! It leaves the skin really soft, so applying foundation is a lot easier and it also lasts longer :) The price makes me a bit unsure about whether I should repurchase it or not though :( xx


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