Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm In Love With An Eye Palette | Too Faced Neutral Eye Collection

I am in love with the Too Faced Neutral Eye Shadow Collection. I won't harp on for too long about it as it'll just be me gushing my love for it. One of the things that I love is that it comes in a super diddy compact, which is a travel friendly tin which means it won't get broken or dirty too quickly or easily. The packaging is super solid (great for protecting the shadows), with a mirror inside and a guide on how to create three different looks using the eyeshadows. It really does cover every single neutral eyeshadow choice you'd want in nine shades. There is a combination of mattes, metallics and everything in between - this is my go-to palette at the moment. It's laid out in three rows, suggesting how you should layer and blend the shadows, but my personal favourite combination at the moment is Silk Teddy on the inner corner and brow bone, Push-Up over the lid and Erotica in the crease. Al of the shadows are extremely pigmented, long-lasting - even without primer - and don't crease or fade. At £32 it's not too bad for your wallet and these are killer eyeshadows that you must have. Promise.


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