Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last Minute Holiday Buys

I am usually a very organised person when it comes to planning before I go on holiday, but this time round, I've been so busy it just flew out of my mind. So, before I swept away on holiday I paid a ridiculous amount for next day delivery and purchased a few things. I don't like taking my usual toiletry bag away on holiday, as well as my makeup bag, so I bought these set of three clear bags. They come in all different sizes and one is perfect for your hand luggage, where you want to store any liquid things, I also like that they're clear as it means I can source anything pretty quickly, rather than rummaging around. I bought myself some sun tan lotion at SPF 30 and after sun in a spray form, as I'm not a fan of cream sun lotions. I also re-purchased some things that I'm running low on which I know I'll need, such as cotton wool pads and my Boots Botanic cream cleanser. I also was a bit naughty and added to my cart the Soap & Glory Gloss Stick in 'Nudist' as I believe it's a close match to my 'Rosy Tan' lipstick by E.L.F, as you know i'm obsessed with that, I knew I needed this one. Two last minute fashion buys, I thought I'd get a sun hat in case I want to get a break from the sun and shade my eyes, whilst looking relatively cool. Last of all, I purchased a really cool head scarf that I've already worn and am in love with. I think it's perfect for the summer and keeping your hair out of your face. I don't think I'll leave it so late next time, extra charges sucks big time...


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