Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making My Own Perfume

For my birthday, I was treated to a couple of things, one of which was being able to create my own fragrance. It was such a wonderful experience and I highly recommend that if you're stuck for finding someone a gift, treat them to this. We made our way to the Hilton Hotel in Green Park and were greeted with champagne and sat at a table with some other lovely ladies. The whole event took about two hours, but I learnt so much about different blends and how fragrances are made, what each blend is made of and how much it costs, the process etc, it was mind boggling. We all had to sniff eighteen different blends and if we liked it, you could add it to your final scent. There was no limit of how many blends you could have in your perfume and in total I picked six. I very much love Thierry Mugler, so I knew that my perfume was going to smell similar to this, I will try and explain the blends I chose, but describing scents isn't my forte! For my top notes, I chose Amber  which is very warm, sensual with undertones of precious woods, apparently it's warm, sexy and includes cinnamon, sage, lemon and more. For my middle notes, I chose Floral Floral with undertones of jasmine, is evocative, sensual (again) and includes blackcurrent, sandalwood and mandarin. I also chose Spicy with undertones of middle eastern spice, it's oriental, sexy, exotic and includes black pepper, nutmeg, ginger and more. For my base notes, I chose Balsamic (my favourite out of them all), which is light, floral and creamy with undertones of vanilla bean. It is supposedly happy, reassuring and sumptuous, with vanilla and jasmine. I also had Woody with undertones of east Indian sandalwood, it's soothing, mellow and sensual and is primarily sandalwood. My last blend is Musky, which is subtly floral with sweet sandalwood. It is deep but simple, sensual, mellow and includes coriander and angelica root. I am so happy with the final results, it's very sweet and vanilla-ry and sort of like 'Alien' by Thierry Mugler. The best thing, is that I am the only person in the world with this perfume!


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