Monday, August 18, 2014

Will Things Change..?

Have you ever been through a time in your life, where you feel that nothing else could go possibly wrong? Or things keep continuously going down hill and there's nothing you can do about it and in a way, you just expect it? Well, this is what's been happening with me as of late, of course I'm on holiday at the moment, so have no idea if I'm still going to be feeling this way (I doubt it.. I'll be in the sun right now). I'm sort of waiting for my life to sort of re-arrange and change, so that things can go back to being just fine and content. It's as if the universe decided that the past couple of months were going to be really challenging, difficult and upsetting. It threw lots of things in my path that were so rubbish and it was if this thunderstorm, this monsoon was/is never ending. Or am I the one that's been inflicting it on myself? Is this supposed to be one of those things were I self-analyse and take a look at what my life is at the moment? I've never felt so stressed for such a long time, I've cried, I've shouted, I've huffed and puffed and I just want and need for it to calm down and for me to just smile again. These are just thoughts that are running through my brain, I'm not winging or moaning about my life, as I'm extremely grateful for what I have and am aware that there are people who are in more compromising situations, but this post just comes under the 'lifestyle' category of my blog, as I've never done this sort of post before, but it appeals to me. I do think that right now, I'm sunning myself in Croatia and I'm sure my mind is at rest and is happily reading away. Have you ever felt this way though? (If you're wondering about the hippo, he's called Bernard and I'm in love with pygmy hippos).


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  1. Hi, you have literally just described everything I have been feeling lately, so if you ever want to talk about anything (I.e how you are feeling) or if you just want distract yourself and chat about blogging, books, tv shows etc.. Then feel free to email me at


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