Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Peek In To My Holiday Wardrobe

Most of the clothes that you see here have been packed away in a suitcase and stored away, this makes me sad. I do love the autumnal months, but I just can't bare saying goodbye to that summer sun. I thought I would give you a peek in to the clothes that I took with me to Croatia, I was there for two weeks and would be glued to a bikini, so I tried to keep my clothes to a minimum. As most shops online have made the transition in to autumn/winter fashion, it'll probably be impossible to link you all these items, however you can keep some of these in mind and take a look next year. 

In total I took a variation of five dresses, in which I wore 3/5 which I think is pretty good. They included a maxi dress, two skater dresses, a chiffony-silky dress and a dress that I was going to be wearing to Rupert's auntie's birthday when we got home. I packed two pairs of shorts, both thin material, one high-waisted, one pair of hareem pant things and one skirt. Out of the 'bottoms', I wore 4/4 pretty good huh! They were all on rotation as well, so it makes me happy that I wore things more than once, Rupert would also be proud. I lugged along plenty of tops which I wore a lot, they were all light-weight and either black or white, hey it's the monochrome life for me. I also brought a light cardigan, as well as a denim jacket which were mainly for the plane journey and when we got back in England. I took one playsuit and one kimono, neither I wore as the playsuit is very sexy and not family appropriate and it was simply too hot for the kimono. I also brought two bikinis that both got worn as well! 

Shoes wise, I took 4 pairs and wore three of them. The gladiator-type-plimsoll-sandals, clearly a professional me, were great when we went on long walks across the rocky terrain or on pebbly beaches. I absolutely loved my black sandals, with a t-bar and a faux croc/snake detailing which gave an outfit that bit more elegance and sophistication. Lastly, my little cat shoes, a post about them HERE, were great for when I wanted to spruce up an outfit or wanted to throw something on, as you can see I didn't wear my brown sandals as they turned out to be quite uncomfortable. 

Not pictured is a straw hat that I only wore once and on the last day, plus my makeup bag and my skincare set-up. Those posts are already on my blog, so you can take a look at those HERE and HERE. 


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