Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pinky Paradise Package!

Earlier this month I got contacted by a lovely company by Pinky Paradise, which is one of the largest online circle lens stores so far. I was really interested in co-operating with them, as I'm a glasses wearer and wear contact lenses on a daily basis. I've always loved the idea of wearing contact lenses that are a different colour to my eyes, however, the process of getting them prescribed, as well as choosing a colour was super annoying and cost a lot! So, I jumped at the chance of getting some contact lenses, as well as a beauty product of my choice. 

The lenses that I picked were the Blue Aqua ones, which are going to look so different as I naturally have brown eyes. I also picked an eyebrow pencil, which I've been trying out and I'm absolutely in love with that, but more on that soon. If you don't wear contact lenses anyway, you can just buy ones that aren't prescribed and have cool colours! If you're not interested in that, they have lots of beauty products you can choose from, which are quite exclusive as they're more Chinese or Japanese brands which you can't find in the UK. Keep an eye out, as I'm sure I'll be wearing the contact lenses in a video or take some vain pictures! 


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