Friday, September 26, 2014

The Body Stuff | Cocoa Body Butter

I have a new favourite body butter, this will most definitely be in my September favourites, so there you go a little sneek peek! Anyway, the particular body butter that I'm focusing on today is the Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter. It has to be said that The Body Shop is well known for their body butters due to the high quality and it's yummy scents! However, the one I've fallen in love with is the cocoa one. Let me tell you why!

Due to the formula being rich in shea and cocoa butter, it makes it super hydrating for the skin! I've also found that since being back from my holiday, this has been great for maintaining my tan and making it last longer than it usually would without. What I love is how it doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky, it's so buttery it feels so luxurious on the skin, leaving my skin looking healthy. Body Shop describe this as a 'feast for the skin', which is so true as it leaves the skin so smooth and soft, melting in to the skin leaving a cocoa scent which lasts for hours. I will definitely be purchasing this for as long as I live,w ell done Rupey for getting me such a beauty of a product! 



  1. Love Body Shop Body Butters!!! x :)

  2. I love these body butters - especially this one! It smells divine! Love your blog :)


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