Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Fashion | Emma Watson Style

I was looking at the ol' archives and realised, I haven't done a post like this in such a long time and I really enjoy this type of thing. My last style inspiration post, was based on Millie Mackintosh (HERE) and I do think it's fair to say, if you take a look at who I pick and their style, they're all very similar. So, as you can see from the title, I'm focusing on Emma Watson, the lovely lady who has been in our hearts since the early beginning of 'Harry Potter' and since then has become a fashion inspiration. With Emma being British, you can see that her style accommodates to the weather, which is perfect for those who live in the UK. 

It's no secret that Emma is absolutely stunning and is inspiration to many. She's unlike most actors, in the sense that she didn't forget about her education, but continued her exams and even went to university and now has a degree. She is one smart cookie, very down-to-earth, she's also one for sticking up for women and is tougher than she looks. Anyway, on to the style, you can see that Emma has a figure to die for, but it's all natural in the sense that she doesn't diet and is just healthy. I think my favourite of all the outfits above are the ones in the second image, they're so casual yet stylish and they're outfits, I reckon I could pull off!

I have to say Emma's career is one that I would happily strive towards and one to look up to. From the images above, you can see that Emma is very simple with the designs that she wasn't, she isn't too in your face and is very English Rose. She screams elegance with the cut of the clothing that she sports, this is also due to the colours she chooses, monochrome is her choice. As Rupert would put it, she looks as if she hasn't made an effort with her outfit, but she looks really cool and put together. It's like the whole effortless, but actually took an hour to pick an outfit, outfit! Right, time to get me a 'HP' wand and I'm one step closer to becoming Emma! 



  1. I love Emma Watson, she is so gorgeous! She is basically my style crush and hair crush and beauty crush... She is an inspiration! As soon as I saw this post in my feed, I needed to read it, I absolutely love things like this! :3 xx

  2. Ahhh I love Emma Watson's style! She is such an inspiration of mine cause not only is she beautiful she's brainy! New follower here! Love your blog. It would mean soo much to me if you checked mine out! x :)



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