Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Life | Holiday in Croatia

I am aware that this is very photo-heavy, but there are just so many pictures that I wanted to share with you from Croatia. I went for two weeks and it was absolute bliss, our villa was beautiful and the view was even better. We stayed in a little town called Sevid, which was near Zadar and Trogir! I would happily go again, I think it was great that we got to go for so long, as it mean we could really relax and settle in to the villa. The exchange rate is really good over there as well, so you're not spending as much as you think you are. I did so many amazing things like go-karting, jet-skiing, snorkelling and all sorts. It was also Rupert's mum's birthday whilst we were out there, so we went to some beautiful waterfalls and then his parents went out for dinner, whilst us kids stayed in and played Monopoly. It was also my birthday whilst we were out there, where I was treated to a birthday breakfast. We headed in to Split, but it was so difficult to park, we headed straight out again. We found a shopping mall nearby and spent a few hours in there, then headed back to Trogir for some late lunch - amazing pizza. I had such a wonderful time and am so grateful that I got to go, some wonderful memories were created and I left with a great tan... which is obviously a bonus.


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