Monday, September 08, 2014

The Shorts I Forgot About...

Whilst packing for Croatia, I lugged all my Summer clothes out of the attic and trudged through everything I wanted to take. I came across these shorts that I bought from River Island, about three years ago. I forgot how much I loved them. I'm not a massive shorts person as I'm very insecure about my legs, but I love these shorts too much to keep them from you. What I love is the fact that they're made of such a light and soft material, it almost swishes when I turn. People also mistook them for a skirt which I also liked, one thing that was a bit annoying was that it would ride up sometimes and when I wore a bikini underneath it would make me look a little bit large... as you can see above. I think the floral pattern is very cute and due to the base colour being a light cream colour, it complimented my tan very well. I will definitely be wearing these more often next year... unless I find another gorgeous pair. 



  1. Great post, I love the floral pattern xx

  2. Lovely post, so cute - adore the floral pattern and the subtle colours. I wish I was on my way to Croatia! Haha
    I've recently just started blogging about fashion, I'd love it if you could check out my latest, 'Topshop wishlist' :) x


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