Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thunderstorm Mayhem

One night in Croatia, the clouds formed together in the sky and turned a dark grey, it was clear that a thunderstorm was on its way. The clouds covered the sky and it was as if we were in a dome, the people left the beach, we retreated from the swimming pool and sunbathing positions to take cover. Rupert and I stood on the balcony, waiting to watch the storm happen before our eyes. It became quite chilly and the rain started to fall, slowly at first and then it became heavier and it was pouring sheets of rain. I loved trying to spot the lightening and seeing where it was coming from and it was so loud! I love hearing the rain and seeing the dark, grey clouds. I feel that the sound of the rain and watching it is really calming for me, it sort of clears my mind and I just love to watch the rain. Last month, I listed a few things that made me happy (HERE). I think it's important to create these little reminders for when you're feeling down, as they can bring an instant smile to your face. These aren't just things, but they evoke memories too. After watching the thunderstorm, it inspired me to write another list. I hope you enjoy it! 


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