Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Labelling Stationary & Not People

It's sort of become a bit of a social norm to be categorised and divided in to groups, this is mainly seen in schools. Even in films like 'Mean Girls' and 'St Trinians' they showed all the different students in the school and gave them a label for the "group" they were in. A couple that were prominent during my time at school are shown in the picture above. Now, I love labelling, when it comes to stationary. I think putting labels on notebooks, subject folders, work things, calendars - all of that malarkey just excites me, but social labelling is a big no, no for me. 

During my time at school and even in sixth form, I quickly learnt what all the groups were and who was in it what and what it meant and blah blah blah. It felt like, once you were in that group, you weren't allowed to converse with anyone who was outside of that group which I didn't really understand. Even in my boarding house, my year group were split in half. I actually ended up making and being friends with people who were in all sorts of different "groups", does that make me a misfit? I loved the fact that I had friends in the "nerdy" group, the "popular group", the "sporty" group and the "drama group" and what-not. As it meant that I had such a diverse group of friends, but the trouble was, was that I could never really hang out with all of my friends at the same time as they were "labelled" as different "groups". I think the whole labelling thing was way more prominent in sixth form where the common room was split in to the different "labels" and my group aka the "drama group" had our own booth and everything. 

I just find it really sad that there is such a separation amongst people due to what their talents or interests are and therefore, they have a label above their head. I had one and I'm not sure I liked it, as people thought the only thing I wanted to talk about or could do was drama. I really wish this could be prevented in schools as this sort of thing can also lead to bullying and shunning people from said groups. No one is defined or confined to one thing, we all have layers, like an onion as Shrek says. Don't think that everyone is just one dimensional, I love reading and learning, as well as acting, does that make me a nerdy, drama label? Only label stationary. 


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