Thursday, October 09, 2014

Outfit Of The Forever

Haha, I've cheekily escaped wearing these and snapping them on my body for you! I have to say these items have become staples of mine, I can tell you something though, I never thought I'd be seeing jeans as one of them! I'm really looking forward to the colder months making its appearance, although I do love it when the sun's out and it's really crisp and fresh outside! Anyway, moving on from my total ramble and blabbering, here are the things that I've been wearing pretty much 24/7. 

ASOS Sweatshirt - Love the slogan, super big and comfy, what else is there?
ZARA Black Jeans (not the exact pair, but similar) - The only jeans that convince me I have skinny thighs = magic
H&M Sneakers - Comfy, effortless, stylish and easy to 'slip-on' - get it?



  1. Love this post! <3

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    Isabelle | Stoer & Sexy

  2. This outfit is so casual but SO cute! The rest of your content is amazing.
    I'm really happy that I stumbled across your blog.


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