Monday, October 13, 2014

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen

I am sitting here smugly as I write this and glance at the mirror as I look at my identical cat-eye flicks on my lids - this morning was good one. Now, on a usual basis nailing that cat-eye is sometimes impossible, but I do have my good days (like this morning) or my bad days where my flicks are all over the place. However, I do have a favourite for attempting the flick at the moment and that is the Soap & Glory Supercat Liner

This is the answer for any cat-eye newbies who need help and let me tell you why. It's super-easy to hold as it's long, thin and lightweight. As well as looking like a pen, it feels like a felt tip and therefore, you can hold it like one! The nib is firm, so it won't be flicking or sliding all over the place, it's also quite lengthy so it gives you space when you're about to apply the liner. The formula dries quite quickly too, which means you won't be smudging your work any time soon. 

When it comes to applying the liner, I don't follow a particular method myself, but try and draw a thin line as close as you can to the lash line. Don't rush it, don't do it all in one go and push the liner in to the lashes for a fuller effect. When you're about to do the flick, remember to try and aim it upwards to avoid a droopy eye look. It doesn't matter which way round you do it, but I find it easier to do the flicks first and then the draw the line. Practise makes perfect my loves! 



  1. I just bought this eyeliner (I mentioned it in a recent haul) and so I'm really glad that I read this review because now I'm so excited to start using it! I love felt tip liners, I think they're so easy to use. Great post xx

    beauty & fashion blog:

  2. I've been using this eyeliner for a while now and absolutely love it! It is perfect for nailing those flicks! xx

    Abi |


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