Saturday, October 25, 2014

That Running Thing...

For some reason, a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to start running. I haven't properly exercised on a daily basis since year 11, which meant that my fitness levels have gone down over time. I used to attend the gym and did classes for a couple of months, I ran on and off for a couple of months, but nothing's been set in stone, there was no routine. However, I think I've got my routine and my fitness game back on track. 

So, what's the routine you ask? I like to run at least five times a week, Monday to Friday. This means that I get a rest on the weekend, because you do need that otherwise you just burn out. Depending on my work days and my schedule for the week, I will try and run in the morning before my day properly starts. At first I began just running 1 mile for two weeks and have begun to step it up to two and gradually work my way up and up. I also, really love doing yoga. I like it for working on my arms, legs, tummy as well as relaxation in the evenings. If I feel like I want to exercise but don't want to run, I'll do a 30-40 minute yoga session. 

I really like tracking my progress and I do this using the Nike+ Running App - I love it. I just chuck it in my phone holder arm band, whilst listening to music as I can't stand hearing myself breathe! It tracks your run whilst you're doing it, as well as tracking your route, how fast you've run, the pace, how far etc. I love hearing "your goal is in reach" and "1 mile completed" - best feeling! I think it's also important to have somebody to do it with or in the scope of everything. For example, after my run, I like to take a picture of my progress and send it to Rupert every morning. He's super encouraging and when I'm not happy with the time or something silly, he says the right things (which are always true) and I feel great that I've actually gone out and exercised! 

I'm not saying I'm a running pro, probably won't ever be, but i'm getting fitter and it feels good, it just takes time!


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