Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Makeup | Soap & Glory Solar Powder

I don't think I've ever found my "the one" bronzer yet, I'm not fussy just as long as it doesn't make me look orange or like i've been playing in the mud. Despite there being plenty on the market, I just haven't found it, if you have any suggestions do let me know. However, I think I have found a firm favourite of the moment which is the Soap & Glory Solar Powder. This particular powder is a two-toned bronzer, one lighter and the other darker, giving you the choice of mixing them together for an all over glow or use the darker side to contour specific areas. I do think that it's a subtle bronzer on my skin, which I really like, as it still adds colour but it's not too obvious. The bronzer itself isn't orange at all, the darker shade is very matte and the 'gold' shade (which I think is more a highlighter), has a light shimmer which leads to a natural glow. As it's a combination of a bronzer and highlighter it makes this really travel-friendly and great for touching up the complexion when you're on the go. I really like the packaging too, the lid is magnetic so there isn't a chance of the powder breaking or escaping in to your bag. I do love this bronzer, it isn't my soul mate, but we're getting there


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