Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Workout Wish List

Workout Wish List

I never thought this would be on the blog to be honest with you. After I finished year 11, I don't think I exercised consistently for two years. I know it's bad, I did go through a stage of going to classes at the gym for about 6 months. But afterwards, I moved and I did go running a few times, I completed some fitness dvd's but I never enjoyed it. Now, I have written a post about my new fitness venture which you can read about HERE. However, this is all about the fashion and I think I've found a new found love for workout gear. 

Now that we're coming in to Winter, I still want to keep running every morning but my current running attire is more suited for warmer months. So, these H&M winter running tights seem perfect as they're long and will keep me warm, plus that bit more professional. I've also been doing some intense yoga sessions with the help of some youtube videos, along with my general love for it. I've been wearing normal leggings, so would like to get these H&M yoga tights as they seem more appropriate and flattering. My proper wish list of running tights that I'd like, maybe I'll ask them for Christmas, are these Fashercise Cassini Leggings. They are gorgeous and very expensive. I do love my current Nike trainers, but it would be lovely to have a choice on which ones to wear in the morning, for example these Nike Black Air Max Thea trainers. 

I'm going to need tops to go with the bottoms, so let's start with the Nike Dri-Fit Wool V-neck, this is a running shirt and great for winter as it locks in the warm and consumes all of that sweat, nice. To go with the yoga pants from H&M, it would only make sense to pair it with the H&M Long-sleeve yoga top but if it's a bit too hot, then the sports top! A hoodie for when it's cold, for practical reasons obviously, loving the Nike Lightweight Hoodie. Finally, to keep my small boobies in place, this beautiful H&M Sports Bra



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