Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set

The Zoeva Rose Gold brushes has been on my wish list for such a long time. They've been on the blogging scene for such a long time and trying to find a moment where they're in stock seemed like a mission. However, heading over to the Love Makeup site I bit the bullet and bought them. I am a BIG fan of makeup brushes anyway and think the more I have the better. The set comes with a high quality brown leather clutch bag with rose gold hardware, I love this as it kept the brushes in the best condition whilst they were on there way to me, I can use this clutch bag in the future and that extra bit of rose gold is a gem. 

The brushes are made with a combination of natural and synthetic hairs which makes blending simply wonderful. They also pick up colour well, buff your chosen product into the skin easily and leaves such a flawless finish. Due to what they're made of it means that they wash really well and dry pretty quickly, leaving no stray hairs after washing and applying. The overall is kit is amazing in the sense of the various 'types' of brushes you get and would be great as a starter kit as you have everything you'd need. Also, it's great value for money, the set costs $58, depending on the currency difference, each brush is under £8 therefore making it so worth it. Lastly, they just look super beautiful and being rose gold, what else is there to love?



  1. Been loving these brushes ever since I got them, definitely were worth the splurge :') x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  2. I'm absolutely obsessed with Zoeva - their sets are amazing!


  3. These brushes look so so nice! The fact each brush is under £8 too makes it well worth it! Might have to try them out!
    Bilgi | Stepping Onto The Scene

  4. These look so lovely! I love the rose gold packaging and the fact that you get the little leather clutch bag. And £8 per brush?! That's amazing xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I am so desperate for these brushes they look absolutely stunning and of such high quality!


  6. They are beautiful!



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