Saturday, November 08, 2014

An Appreciation Post

I don't like to shove my relationship in people's faces. On my blog, I like to talk about beauty, fashion, a bit of life lesson stuff and I try not to talk about mine and Rupert's relationship too much. Rupert is my best friend, the guy I live with and he's also my boyfriend. The reason why I don't like to shout aloud about our "business" is because we're not ones for PDA and he isn't one who likes to be centre of attention, although when he is you can't stop him from talking. However, a couple of days ago we hit our 3 year anniversary and it has been one of our best ones yet. It was just simply lovely, we went for an Indian and talked about life and laughed about rubbish and swapped cards, no biggie which is what made it so casually sweet. For those of you who don't know, Rupert and I met at sixth form college, after a drama trip and two months, we became "official", on Halloween to be precise. Two years at school and one year in our gap years, with 6 months of living together and now sort of working together, here we are. I'm amazed how much we've gone through and how long he's stuck by, it hasn't been easy. He is very supportive and encouraging, is a gentlemen.. sometimes, understands on how to make me happy, sends me unexpected texts and has changed me in to a better person. I don't think I realise how lucky I am at times and I'd like to make more of an effort to make him realise that (not in that way ladies!!). If you'd like, you could see what he's up to HERE




  2. Aw this was such a sweet post! It seems that not only do you guys make each other happy but you make each other better people as well. It's was so heart warming to read this. Congratulations on 3 years xxx

  3. That's so sweet Izzy, I'm so happy for you guys! You both suit each other so well! :D


  4. Congrats beautiful, Lovely couple!! <3

  5. Congratulation on the 3 years!! - You are so cute together! Wish you the best of luck in the future :))


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