Friday, November 07, 2014

Casting Director Life

Over the past couple of weeks I have been submitted the job of 'Casting Director' for Rupert's upcoming World War 1 film. It's been super exciting and we're hosting the auditions in London tomorrow, despite it being exciting, it has also been very stressful. The film itself is going to be incredible, the script is brilliant and the idea is on point. But, I have learnt a few things if you're wanting to become a casting director. 

KNOW YOUR STUFF: You need to know about the industry itself and understand it, as well as business management. You also need to understand what it's like on the other side, so understanding actors and the acting process is important. As I've auditioned for drama school and various roles I know what it's like to be in front of a panel, this will be my first time on the other side. You need to be able to recognise talent and make sure that you keep the auditionees calm, as I know for a fact, they'll be panicking! 

BE CONFIDENT: I've had to email strangers and speak to them on the phone, not a very comfortable thing to do, especially when they're asking to change things and ask loads of questions. You've got to show confidence and remember that you've got to be in control of the situation and know all the answers. You're the one that they're going to be friendly with and talk to, which is fine, but remember to keep a barrier in between as well, you don't want to give the actors false hope. 

ALL IN ALL: You need to be patient and curious about people as this will help you do the job properly and enjoy it. You've got to be good with communicating with people, be very organised as you'll be juggling lots of things at the same time. I've found that you need to have a good memory for script details, contact names and different actor abilities. Must have good attention to detail. I think that if you're an empathetic person, who's good at sizing people up, but also tough enough to handle difficult situations, being a casting director is good for you. 

You know, I would never have considered this as a possible job for me, but... I think I quite like this. 



  1. I'm currently doing my A Levels and hope to go on to do Drama at University or go to Drama school. I know acting is such a difficult career to get into so knowing about other jobs in the industry is extremely useful, I found this post particularly helpful as a Casting Director seems like quite an interesting job x


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