Monday, November 03, 2014

Hair Love | KeraStraight Oil & Mist

I have long hair and I'm quite low maintenance when it comes to looking after it, however, I do love my oils and I like to make sure that I keep my hair healthy, soft and well looked after. Having been using my usual Moroccan oil, I didn't think i'd be separated from the stuff, however, I have been converted to KeraStraight. They kindly sent me two products of my request and here are my thoughts. 

The KeraStraight Moisture Mist* has become my life saver! The reason why I love it so much is because it detangles my hair in seconds, amazing. It doesn't feel heavy on the hair when you spray it on and leaves it feeling so moisturised, no dryness to be seen here. It also contains UV and heat protection, so great to spritz on if you're going to be following up with some heat styling. What I do is spray it on to my dry or wet hair and simply brush, waiting for it to attack my knots, it does this smoothly and leaves the hair feeling so soft, with my scalp not being tugged at. I highly recommend as a de-tangler, as well as for styling, a bit of moisture and texture for your hair. 

I love my hair oil and I never thought I'd move away from my usual favourite, but the KeraStraight Ultimate Oil* is just gorgeous. First of all, the packaging is very luxurious with its glass bottle and the scent just smells beautiful and elegant, not like any other hair oil I've used before. Due to the packaging it will last you a good while as it's 100ml and you don't need to pump out lots for one use. The oil has a blend of 9 specialised oils, targeting four vital areas for your hair; nourishment, repair, hydration and shine - it does all these things! It's very light, leaves your hair smelling yummy and smooth. I apply this to wet hair and do one to two pumps and run through my mid-lengths and ends, I do apply this to dry hair, the ends, when I feel like I want to add some moisture to the hair if it's looking dry. 

If you're looking for luxurious, yet affordable, hair products, I highly recommend KeraStraight. I love the packaging, the scent and the way it effects and treats my hair is wonderful. 


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