Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In A Bit Of A Rush...

There have been quite a few occasions where I'll prioritise more time in bed, or that extra couple of minutes in the shower, even watching that extra episode on Netflix. This leaves me with not that much time to apply lots of makeup to my face and at the moment, I'm not really feeling buckets of the stuff on my skin either. So, here are my go-to products where I want to get ready quickly and not wear too much too! 

OLAY Pore Minimizer CC Cream - I won't go in to too much detail as there will be a full review on this very soon, but when I'm in a rush, the last thing I want to do is mess around layering a well blended base. CC creams are perfect for when you're in a hurry, I'm loving the OLAY one in particular as it smells delicious, it's lightweight, moisturising and evens out the skintone. 

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - Blends like a dream and very quickly. I like to make sure I've still got a bit of coverage on the skin, as I've got a bit of redness and blemishes to cover. This is so brilliant if you need to be quick, I like to dot this on any areas I need to and then use my finger to blend it in to the skin. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara - I won't bother with my brows as they're quite full anyway, so I'll usually brush a spoolie through them. However, I do need a mascara, so I look more awake. I love that this mascara elongates the lashes, separates the lashes from each other and adds that bit of depth to them too. 

Benefit Majorette Blush - I'm a blush lover, so leaving the house without any on isn't an option. Using a powder when needing to be quick could leave you with a heavy hand and looking like a china doll/clown. That's why a cream blush can come in handy, I lightly dab my fingertips in the blush and apply to the apple of my cheeks. This can be built up to however you like and it being a cream makes it very blendable. 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - Lip balms are great when in a rush, I love how this particular cream leaves your lips moisturised, glossy and lasts for a good while. Also, as it doesn't have any pigmentation, it means that as I'm closing the door I can roughly aim this on my lips with my finger without smudging any colour all over my chin! 

What do you reach for when in a hurry?


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  1. Benefit make up works wonders. Lovely blog x


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