Friday, November 21, 2014

The Fashion | Olivia Palermo Style

Source Of Images : Pinterest
Last month, I took fashion inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, which you can see here. This month, it's all about Olivia Palermo, I mean just look at her! If you have no idea who she is, I'll try and summarise. Olivia is considered as an American socialite and her presence in life was made prominent when she starred in the programme 'The City' with the bubbly Whitney Port. Now, well, I don't really know what she does? Having been on 'The City' she was working for various famous magazines, then worked for Wilhemina Models. She's launched a jewellery line, she was a guest judge on 'Project Runway' and she also has her own website which documents her travels, beauty, fashion etc. I think, from the pictures above, it's pretty clear why she was labelled as 'the best dressed New Yorker' by the New York Post. 

What I love about Olivia's style is that she wears a simple outfit, but will always make it look on point with a pair of heels, or a statement piece of jewellery. The first three images, show her looking very elegant, classy, smart and graceful. I love that she's paired the baggy jeans with the loose silk white top, but a structured blazer and pumps - looks effortless but still stylish. I love how autumnal that jacket is in the second row of images, what gives those outfits that extra bit of oomph are the heels. Even though they're simple, it's the whole jeans and shirt look which I find really gorgeous. Plus, she also shows that you don't have to wear wellies on a dog walk, but bright cobalt blue heels too! I think the last row of images show her girlie side a bit more, I'm in love with the cape image and thigh boots which she wore to a Burberry show at fashion week. The cutesy pink jacket with the ruffles, adds a bit of colour to her otherwise all black outfit and paired with the curl of the hair - it's ultimate girl all over. 

My favourite outfit of them all, has to be her wedding outfit. I love that she chose a white, fitted, cashmere jumper. Paired with a long, lace-detailed skirt and of course the pop of colour with the blue heels. If anyone was going to pull this off, it was going to be her! From, the images I've seen, it seems that she's quite versatile when it comes to outfits, obviously she loves her dresses and heels, but she never says no to jeans and a shirt. Ultimately, Olivia is cool, stylish, elegant and classy - everything I'd like to be. Can I raid her wardrobe now?



  1. love your blog! very cute and girly
    I love olivia's style, she is so perfect.
    I like the outfit of her wedding too! I like it the most out of all of the above.


  2. She is so beautiful! Just look at her gorgeous face structure in the 5th picture! Heart-eye-emoji x

  3. She is so beautiful! Absolutely adore her style, especially in the first photo! So chic xx

    Abi |

  4. Her style is lovely, very sophisticated x

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