Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Very Expensive Primer by Tom Ford

If I hadn't been gifted this product, I'm not sure I would have splurged £54 on an illuminating primer. However, as it's been in my hands for quite a while, I have come to the conclusion on what I think about it. This could be one of those things that you pop on your Christmas list! So, the idea behind this primer is that it's a hybrid between skincare and makeup. For example, Tom Ford states that "it infuses skin with a potent combination of specially selected nutrients that help skin stimulate its natural repair mechanisms". The primer is supposed to leave the skin looking and feeling brighter, fresher and less tired. Like usual primers, this one is supposed to provide a flawless canvas for you to work with before applying your base. 

The Tom Ford Illuminating Primer packaging is one to covet over, it's an elegant and light-weight, pearl white bottle with Tom Ford's signature brown cap. However, my favourite thing about this, is that there is a mechanic pump, which when you twist the bottle it emerges. It's a very chic design, where you won't be wasting the product and it's secure which is great for travelling. What's re-assuring for me and my skin, is that the primer is silicon-free, preservatives-free, mineral-oil free and contains natural extracts, so I know I'm not putting anything terrible on my skin. 

As an illuminator underneath foundation it's amazing, it transforms your foundation in to more of a dewy finish and leaves the skin looking bright and glowy. I apply the smallest amount over the face, if you apply too much you will risk looking very shiny. Once applied, I didn't find my skin become smoother, but it does leave a subtle glow. The bottom line is that this is very overpriced and I don't think I'd be purchasing it again once I'd finished the bottle. I would say that it was better as a highlighter/illuminator than a primer, the packaging is clever and beautiful, but I really disliked the smell and it doesn't work well with my combination skin. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely extravagence to have on your dressing table, great for creating a natural glow, but it's very expensive and those with oily skin will want to apply it on high points, not all over! 

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