Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Winter Nails

Following on from yesterday's post about nails, I thought I'd give you my Winter edit of what the colder months does to my nail colour choices. As soon as it gets colder, I opt for more darker shades on the colour spectrum, I feel like these also suit my skin tone better. So, what made the line up you ask...P.S. I didn't mean for Essie to be the main feature here

MAYBELLINE: MAUVE KISS - I can't not have a nude thrown in there, what I love about this polish is how it lasts for such a long time with no chips or smudges to show for it. Even if there is a slight chip, it's not as noticeable due to it being a nude shade. I'd say it's more of a dark nude than a light one, therefore it suits my skin tone quite well. It's easy to apply and one that I'll be heading to when I know I haven't got time for constant manicure pleasures. 

ESSIE: BUY ME A CAMEO - This one really reminds me of Christmas as it's a gorgeous rose gold shade. It's a frosted satin formula, which on my nails can last about 5-7 days, it varies. We all know the brushes on Essie's polishes are perfect, as they cover the majority of the nail in one go, making this great for when you're in a bit of a hurry. 

ESSIE: WICKED - Wicked is definitely one of my favourites, this is a deep and dark creamy red. It's quite a bold colour to pull off, as it's more of a dark blood red, leaving your nails looking sexy and striking. 

ESSIE: CHINCHILLY - One for those grey lovers, which I can wave my arm in the air and say YES to, I'd say this was quite a dark grey. It's a granite shade of grey, which looks lovely against black or white clothing. It screams chic and subtle sophistication, plus it goes with everything. 

ESSIE: BAHAMA MAMA - The polish that is currently gracing my nails, a gorgeous creamy, deep, plum shade. I suppose this is a shade that can be worked throughout any of the seasons, but I always seem to get this out when it's cold. I love that this is a dark red/purple, but it's lighter than 'Wicked' and definitely has more purple than red. 



  1. I've wanted to try Essie Wicked for ages, it's such a gorgeous colour and perfect for Autumn/Winter time x

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