Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Au Revoir 2014

I'm finding it absolutely insane that tomorrow it'll be 2015, today is one of those days where you can't really avoid looking back at your year and what you did. Plus, I'm sure I'll still be writing 2015 till next summer no doubt. I really enjoyed writing up my year in review this time last year, so it was only right that I carried on the tradition. I had a whole  bunch of "goals" that I set last year, but I'll be writing another post on how I got on with those soon, but, let's get on with 2014 in summary...

I constantly want to be travelling and if money was no object I would love to go somewhere new for a week each month. However, this year I got to spend a few days in New York for my Juillard audition. I also went to Disneyland Paris for the first time ever, I knew I'd love it, but once my foot entered the park I immediately fell in love. Last but not least, I went to Croatia for a beautiful Summer holiday and I can't forget to mention that I'm currently typing this in Amsterdam. 

This year has been very difficult to say the least. I had such high hopes for my success in auditioning for drama school, but the struggle became even more challenging than the year before. However, this did lead me to discover other career opportunities that interested me, such as fashion marketing. Having moved out of my family home and in with Rupert was a weird transition, being only nineteen, yet Rupert and I have become stronger since. I lost a close family member and it was heartbreaking. 

In September I started applying for 'Fashion Marketing' at various universities, which has led to two interviews and an offer and still waiting to hear from two more. Rupert and I hit our three year anniversary which is incredible, who would ever think that you could find someone and be so totally comfortable with them that the years fly by and it feels like two minutes. I also furthered my love for makeup, as I did the prosthetics for Rupert's film, as well as the makeup for the ladies. 

The year started on a high note and I know that I've certainly flaked from September till now. With regards to numbers, I can't remember what number I was at in January but now, I'm nearly at 5,000 on youtube which is amazing and I couldn't be more thankful. My blog steadily grows in numbers which is always nice to see, but to me all I care about is the content that I'm putting out there. This is why I think I become quite de-motivated at times as I want to make sure that my "space" isn't boring or the same as others you may come across. I want my youtube channel to be more creative, I'd like my blog to be a variety of things and for it to really resonate me

This year, I've really come to see who supports me in every decision that I make, despite it not being the right one and who stands by me no matter what. I've learnt that sometimes life really can go against you, but you have to fight it and continue dreaming and wanting to do your own thing. You have to leanr that things will be better and things will change if you let it and make it. I know that the way I am and the set up that I have isn't perfect and that's how it will be, but it's down to me to make the best of it and make it even better. 

2014, you were a nightmare at times and a real struggle. However, you did bring me snippets of joy at the best of times. Thank you to all of you who have joined me in this crazy journey and who have stuck through it with me. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and I'll see you in 2015. 


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