Thursday, December 18, 2014

Seriously MIA...

It's been so long, I hesitated when choosing which font to use.. Rather than giving you a long list of excuses as to where I've been, how about a collage of photos briefly explaining to you why I've been so out of action with the blog, any form of social media platform AND youtube! 

1. Rupert has finally finished his studio, he's taken the idea from Casey (another youtuber), on taking a polaroid picture whenever someone new visits his studio. You can actually watch a tour of his studio HERE. 2. Two weekends ago was the filming of Rupert's WW1 short film, I was given the role of makeup artist. Here is a blurry photo of me practising one of the wounds that I needed to create, along with a bullet wound and some deep cuts. If you would like me to do a tutorial on these prosthetics then do let me know in the comments. 3. A picture of us on the second day of filming in the freezing cold, but the sky was so pretty with the fog/mist and the sun going down. This was a long day of filming, starting at 5am and not finishing till midnight - boy was it a beautiful moment when I hit the sheets. 4. I babysat for one of Rupert's family friends, and their dogs are so cuddly and lovely. Whilst sleepily watching tv, this little one came under the blanket and shut her eyes, I had to whip the camera out. 

1. Last weekend, I went and stayed with my sister where we went and saw the recent Hobbit film and had a good girly night. It was so lovely to see her, we exchanged gifts and watched some rubbish tv whilst munching on chocolate! 2. I also got to see most of my family on the Sunday. As we all live in various different places, it was great to see everyone in one go and have a fabulous lunch together. This little one was attached to me for the whole day, also, how horrid is my christmas jumper? I do think it's rather fabulous. 3. Rupert and I have hardly spent any time together, although we live together, we haven't actually just sat down and had a good natter, so we're both looking forward to our last day of work and being able to chill out with one another. 4. Here is a random selfie that I took a while ago actually - I need to get my eyebrows sorted out! Last of all, after having that filming weekend I've been feeling very de-motivated about my youtube and blog. I have no idea what direction to take my channel in, as well as my blog and I've been stuck in a rut with no inspiration to kick me up the bum. I'm sure it's just a phase that I'm going through and I'll work it out. But, having this un-planned break has been nice, but I do need to figure what I'm going to do! 

So, I hope you can understand why I've been away and what's been taking up my time. These photos are all mainly on instagram, so if you'd like to see more of that then click HERE


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