Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Olay Pore Minimizer CC Cream Bandwagon

My love affair with makeup began whilst I was at a performing arts school and we were to bring our own set of makeup to to a show that we were doing at a theatre. The world of lipsticks, powders, mascaras and foundations, plus more, were thrust at me. My mum also had the best collection of beautiful makeup and still does. So, back then, which was years ago, I was certain that a heavy foundation and full coverage would be the way to go for the years to come. Well, it's definitely changed over the past two years. No longer do I cake on the Benefit Playstick everyday, only for special occasions where i'll need the coverage. My love for lightweight bases and a "this is so my natural skin' finish is relatively new and it's great. Anyway, I never liked the whole idea of the BB/CC cream as I didn't think they would actually work, however, I'm ever so slightly in love with Olay's new Pore Minimizer CC cream

Olay claims that this is a multi-tasking cream with +40% vitamins. I have to say this is definitely a lightweight base that simple melts in to the skin, giving you a glowing and natural look. To begin with I was bit hesitant, as I didn't think the coverage would be particularly great. When the product is squeezed out of the tube the texture is quite thick, but, once applied to the skin, it's very easy to work with and blends in to the skin beautifully. It is definitely a light coverage, but can help to smooth over imperfections, still giving you that effortless look.  I like to apply this with my fingertips, as it gives a natural finish, plus it's just so much quicker and blends well under the warmth of your fingertips. 

In the photos above, I'm not wearing any other makeup than the CC cream. It used smart colour technology to correct red or darker patches of the skin and smooths over to reduce the look of pores and evens out the skin tone. It leaves you with radiant and evenly toned skin, plus giving advantages to your skin in the long term. I am impressed with the CC cream, as it gives you a flawless, natural finish very quickly, but as you can see, it's not great on covering spots. So, pair this with a great concealer of your choice and you'll have such a beautiful base, it'll be envied by many! 


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