Wednesday, January 21, 2015

An Update: Drama School & Acting

It's been highly requested for me to give you a little update on where I am with all things theatrical. The experience I've had with it was not how I thought it would be when I was younger, but now that I've been through it all, I can see that I was so naive. I wish someone had told me at school how difficult the process was going to be and that it was going to cost me too. I hope that I can open some of your eyes to those of you who are fellow actors/actresses or just want to read in on what my thoughts are currently. 

DRAMA SCHOOL. In September 2014, I decided that I wasn't going to be auditioning again for the third time for various schools. A part of this was because it's extremely expensive, Central School of Speech & Drama costs £50 a go for an audition and that doesn't include travel costs or lunch (very important). RADA is a wopping £60, LAMDA is £50 - it can get better with Guildford School of Acting at £35, but then you've got to get yourself to Surrey! Anyway, as well as the cost of it all, my experience of auditioning ruined my overall view of drama school as a whole. This isn't because I'm bitter about not getting in, I had various recalls and two offers over my time of auditioning, so don't think I'm only saying this because I'm angry, I'm not. The auditioning process is so brief and quick, you receive no feedback, you don't get treated as an individual, sometimes they won't offer you a place because they have someone that looks similar to you already in their institution, despite your talent. There are a whole bunch of things that stopped me from auditioning and why would I put myself through that again? So, it's ta ta drama school, for now anyway... 

ACTING. I haven't been acting for a long time, after my auditioning experience I felt very de-motivated to keep it going. Now that I'm not taking the drama school route, I would still like to keep my acting up. At the moment, I've been behind the scenes on Rupert's films, which has been very nice, but it does make me miss being in front of the camera. Once I'm sure on what I'm doing in September, I'm going to attend workshops, different classes, auditions, approach agencies and just make my own way with it. You don't have to go to drama school, most of the famous actors and actresses we know today didn't attend an institution. One of my favourite people ever, Carrie Hope Fletcher didn't go to drama school and look at where she is now, playing 'Eponine' at the West End, my dream. I'm not against the idea of drama school at all, some of my best friends are at one, but don't think it's your only option, because thinking that held me back for a long time. 

So, here's where I am with it all, maybe I'll give you another update in 6 months time or this time next year.. Let me know in the comments if any of you are auditioning, thinking of doing so or even better, doing a different route to get you where you want to be. 



  1. I just don't understand why schools would charge for auditions. It's the same thing with university too, when I applied to schools I had to pay which makes no sense to me, because if you get in you're going to be paying anyway?

  2. Yeah, it's crazy. I guess drama schools charge an audition fee to pay for those who are on the panel, but apart from that, that's all I can see why they would charge!


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