Friday, January 23, 2015

Beauty Myths 101

1. Make-up causes breakouts
2. Expensive cosmetics are better than inexpensive ones
3. Make-up doesn't get dirty
4. Wearing make-up every day is bad for your skin
5. Trimming your hair will make it grow faster
6. Concealer should be applied before foundation
7. Shampoo stops working if you don't keep changing
8. You can shrink pores
9. Everyone should use an eye cream and a moisturiser
10. You shouldn't wear an eyeshadow that is the same eye colour as yours
11. You shouldn't brush your hair when it's wet
12. A stinging sensation means a product is working
13. Dark circles and puffiness are caused by a lack of sleep
14. Blackheads can be scrubbed away
15. Every time you sleep with your make-up on, it ages your face by seven days. 



  1. So true!

    Also all hail the Maybelline colour tattoos!


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