Thursday, January 15, 2015

Clutch Essentials...

I've been quite the social butterfly for the past couple of weeks, having had New Years and various drinks with friends on separate occasions, my clutch bag has been used non-stop. Usually I would have it packed and then transfer it back to the usual handbag, but I haven't had to for a couple of week, so now here is my little list of what I pack in the ol' clutch. 

My glasses incase my contact lenses start playing up or if my eyes start to hurt, these are from Ray-Ban. My Chanel compact mirror for those lipstick touch-ups, I also carry concealer with me, just in case any redness shows up or even a pesky spot. Instead of lugging my Mulberry purse with me which is quite big, I carry some loose change in the zipped part of the clutch, as well as my debit card and ID. I always have my battered Cath Kidston card holder, which has my Oyster card, my Railcard and Costa Card in case of any emergencies! Last but not least, a pen, just in case anybody needs one. I don't carry keys as Rupert has them on his car keys and every so often they might be in the bag too! 

What do you carry in your clutch?



  1. My clutch is a Mary Poppins clutch haha I get all sorts in there prepared for any scenario! queen of mini products and fold away shoes! x

  2. That's the way it should be girl ;) x


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