Friday, January 09, 2015

Daily Musings | 09.01.15

(my thoughts on the 06.01.15)

● I am so tired I can't wait to get back into my bed tonight I need a coffee why is the train waiting room so busy today? Giovanna Fletcher is such a great writer The ticket guy totally woke me up from my sleep - my heart is pumping like crazy oh Kings Cross, you are one of the best stations people on the underground really need to stop walking slowly during the commuting hours do i buy the soft mints or will they be devoured within the first hour of purchasing them? surprisingly nice to be back at work & so cute of my boss to get me some chocolate work, work, work yay 5pm, time to get the train back home with Rupey who's that girl he's talking to? no need to panic, fellow camera lover, not a panther on the prowl 'Christmas with Billy & Me' was such a good book hate how packed the train gets, really can't breathe short, fresh walk to the car is so nice after a train journey come on radio stations play a Swifty song i can't believe I've caught the ending of 'blank space' why shouldn't I get a stag head tattoo? silly rupey doesn't know anything thank goodness we're home mmm.. nothing like a nice warm shower spag bol and cheese is da best broadchurch, broadchurch, broadchurch SO INTENSE Baileys is so yummy sleepy, sleepy sleepy zzzz....

(obviously not all thoughts have been recorded or remembered)


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  1. Thank you so much! Awh, I'll take a look now x


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