Saturday, January 03, 2015

How Did I Do On Those 2014 Goals?

Around this time last year I released a video called '2014 Goals' and I made sure not to call it 'resolutions' in the fear that I wouldn't achieve them. I'm not entirely sure if I want to set myself some goals this year, I'll need to think about it. I feel like, if I want to make sure I can tick those resolutions off, I'd need to be reminded of them every day until the end of 2015, to make sure I'd achieve it - wouldn't that be a lot of stress? Anyway, more on that another day, here's my thoughts and an update on how I did with those 2014 things. 

1. Get in to drama school 2. Post on my blog more 3. Work on my youtube 4. Travel more 5. Create a relationship with my subscribers/readers 6. Save money 7. Be more positive 8. Move out of my house 9. Hit 10,000 subscribers 10. Lose weight 11. Speak & see old friends 12. Experiment with videos 13. Give up chocolate or coffee 14. Start ballet again 15. Ignore horrible things that people say 16. Be happy in my own skin 17. Take pictures in Disneyland Paris 18. Go to the Harry Potter studios 19. Appreciate Disneyland 20. Meet some youtubers 21. Have a pen pal 22. See 'Les Miserables' again 23. Be Happy 24. Cuddle a King Charles Spaniel 25. Plan ahead with Christmas presents. 

The first thought that comes to my mind is "how am I supposed to have fulfilled those when I set myself 25?!" - I think I was a little insane when I set myself this many. Unfortunately I didn't get in to drama school and that's ok. It doesn't mean that I'll never fulfil my dream of becoming an actress, it just means that I need to explore other routes to be able to move forward. I could easily keep auditioning year after year, but it costs a lot of money and I think it would be a waste of time for me. In 2014 I managed to publish 211 posts, which beat 2013 at 152 - yay *claps self on back*. Like i've said before, my youtube received more attention from me at the beginning of the year and then after the Summer I sort of just.. stopped, this will change, I hope, I don't want to promise anything! I wouldn't have thought that I travelled that much, but actually I went to various places, more deets on this here. I sort of created more of a relationship with you guys? This sort of ties in with the whole de-motivation of youtube and me not actually being able to bring myself to look at comments and be able to reply to them - I'm sorry, please forgive *white flag*. I didn't save money.. oops. Being more positive is a working progress and I hope that this will come naturally to me at some point. I moved out of my house and in to Rupert's this Summer, I didn't hit 10,000 but that was rather ambitious for me. 

I managed to lose a stone, but it was unintentional which is pretty good, however, now I want to be more toned, without me having to do anything - suggestions? I still see my bestest chum who I've known since I was 5 but other than that, I didn't see anyone from my first school or second. I wouldn't say I experimented much, but my lookbook was a big step for me. As if I was going to be able to give up chocolate or coffee. I looked in to starting ballet again but it was a struggle to find a good class near me, which led to London and then led to it being pricey. Ignoring horrible things that people say will always be a struggle, but I was lucky that this year I didn't receive many mean comments on social media or to my face. I am yet to be totally happy in my own skin. I took lots and lot of photos whilst in Disneyland and I'm so happy I did, plus I very much appreciated every minute whilst I was there, it'll be a trip and a valentines I'll never forget. I'm still yet to head to the HP studios, something that may happen in 2015. I got to meet a few youtubers this year at an event that I was invited to which was pretty awesome. I don't have a pen pal, but my chum and I write letters to each other frequently. I didn't get to head to the theatre in 2014 and being happy was certainly a struggle with various elements happening in just one year. I did get to stroke a King Charles Spaniel and I certainly planned my Christmas presents early. 

How did you do?


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