Friday, January 16, 2015

How I Find The Time To Blog

A lot of people have asked me how I find the time to blog and sometimes I shrug and answer with "sometimes I don't", but in reality we have a lot more time than we think we do, you just need to utilise your time well and use it in a manner that's going to get your things done. Sometimes I'll spend a whole day on blogging, other times I'll try and fit it in to snippets of my daily routine. Now that I have my 2015 Blog Action Planner, it's forced me to stick to a schedule and be organised with my content, ensuring it's all done in advance. I still haven't worked out my blogging process or regime, but below are a few things that I find making it a bit easier.

It won't happen if you don't make it and will yourself to do it. If you can make time to watch an episode of 'Gossip Girl', you can spend a hour working on your blog. Try and get in to the habit of blogging, maybe it's setting yourself a certain time in the day or week, set a reminder or even an alarm to go off. 

I find that it's such a time-saver by taking photographs in bulks and writing multiple posts in one batch. I think this ensures that I can get the most out of the free time by doing more than one post when I'm free with the camera. 

It can be difficult to be constantly churning out content, but you have to push yourself in to making your blog the best it can be. Read through old blog posts you've written, work on any drafts you have saved up, flip through a magazine for inspiration. Anything can strike an idea, which leads to always having something to jot down your notes for when a post pops in to your head. 

Build a blogging routine that works for you and stick to it, I'm still trying to figure this one out as sometimes, I'm really not in the mood for blogging and I need to shake that off. If you manage your time effectively, you'll be more productive and efficient. What also helps with creating a routine is an editorial calendar, this helps me with a structure for blog posts and gives me an overview of what I'm going to publish in the month. Planning ahead is great, get in to the habit of scheduling posts as it'll put less pressure on you and gives you more time to think ahead. Don't forget, you don't have to post every day, I try to, but if you can't manage that it doesn't matter - do what's right for you. 



  1. This was very helpful! I try to get my posts planned and take all the pictures on the weekend so I won't be as stressed throughout the week!

  2. This has helped loads. Thanks for the insight.


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