Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Coffee Chat | 18.01.15

It's been quite a busy week, I came back from my little sister's house on Monday evening, went to work on Tuesday, cleaned the house on Wednesday, worked on Thursday, coffee date with my dad on Friday and the weekend was uber relaxing time. However, I still had time to compile together 7 links for you all to check out...

+ I've started listening to a podcast, which is great when I'm on the go in London and can just switch it on whilst i'm walking - hence better than a book in this case. The gem I've gotten in to is called 'Serial', I don't want to reveal too much, but it's a 'who dunnit' story and is 11 episodes - get listening. 

+ I met up with my bestest chummy, Darcy, on Tuesday for a coffee. We finally exchanged christmas presents. She got me a beautiful MAC lipstick in 'Pure Zen', I reckon it's a lipstick I will be wearing daily. Do any of you own it?

+ I've started a new book and it's a big un', it's called 'A Million Little Pieces' by James Frey. It's quite intense and a little difficult to get in to the flow of things, but I am only on page 88 of 432, so I'll keep you updated with how this goes. 

+ On Tuesday night, I saw on Netflix that they'd added a new film, 'Postman Pat: The Movie'! I know, I'm going to be 20 this year, but I couldn't not watch it. I really wanted to see it when it came out in the cinema, but never got round to it. There are so many famous people in it, David Tennant, Michael Broadbent, Rupert Grint, Ronan Keating and more. It was also quite nostalgic as I used to watch Pat when I was a little girl. I highly recommend, a very heart-warming film. 

+ I NEED to get myself a 2015 diary and I can't seem to find one that I really like, but I quite like this one from 'Asbury & Asbury', do you have any that you like the look of?

+ I know, i know, this was featured last week, but I just can't help it. I'm about to watch the second episode of 'Broadchurch' season 2, so I'll let you know how much I loved it, no doubt! 

+ I finally got round to filming a video and I'm so happy with it, it took me such a long time to edit and film it, but I hope you liked it. It was my version of a 'What I Got for Christmas' video, I did this last year, but this time filmed it a little differently. 

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  1. I've been wanting Pure Zen for ages, would love it if you would do a review of it on your blog xx

  2. Do it, do it do it!! Highly recommend and if you start watching it, we can talk about it! ;) xx

  3. Lucky for you, there will be one up very soon <3.


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