Monday, January 05, 2015

The Ultimate Blogging Planner

Image Source: Etsy

Today we return to our desks and dust the keys off our laptops, being a stereotypical virgo, I am one for organisation, planning, lists galore etc. To get me back and fully in to the blogging game I came across the 2015 Blog Action Planner. Even though I'm pretty good at scheduling and writing everything down, I do get a bit de-motivated at times and I knew that if I'd bought something to encourage me and my blog stumbles I'd be able to achieve my blogging goals (coming soon..). Plus, I thought this could help anyone else who is looking for some motivation and kick up the bum-ness. The planners comes jam-packed with all of the tools you'll need to get your blog together, whether you're just starting out or have been doing this for a while. There is a range of notes within the planner from editorial calendars to content planners. It's basically a PDF printable, which you can choose what you'd like to print, I haven't printed absolutely everything as some of it doesn't apply to me. It's recommended that you print out what you need and put them in a ring binder, that's what I've done and it's made it very easy and organised to use. 
In detail, the planner includes:

2015 Year At A Glance ◇ 2015 Editorial Calendar ◇ Monthly Calendar ◇ Weekly To Do List ◇ Daily Post Promotion Checklist For The Year ◇ Monthly Blog Sponsors ◇ Financial Report ◇ Monthly Income Report ◇ Monthly Expense Report ◇ Login Information ◇ Blog Metrics ◇ Social Media Analytics ◇ Post Content Planner ◇ Blog Series Planner ◇ Blog Conference Notes ◇ Affiliate Information ◇ Giveaway Tracker ◇ Blog Maintenance ◇ Contacts ◇ Notes ◇ Writing Prompts  

Get planning! 


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  1. This planner looks amazing! My friend and I just recently started our own blog and have bee struggling with finding the motivation to post 3 times a week when no one is currently following us. This may be the very thing we need to keep it up in 2015!


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