Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quote Tuesday | 07

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I think one of my pet peeves in the entire world is people with no manners. I travel in London every week and the amount of rudeness that I come across is just ridiculous. If I hold the door open for someone, I want them to say thank you, it's the same if I let them go in front of me or let them get on the tube before me. It's the littlest things that get on my nerves, for example, I like to thank the bus driver when I get off at my stop and when I don't see people do that too, it makes me wonder why not? It makes the world of difference when you hear a 'thank you' or a 'please'. I also like to give smiles at people, because when someone smiles at me or wishes me 'good morning' or 'have a good day', it gives me such a different outlook sometimes. So, my "message" for you today is, just to keep in mind that manners are nothing and it makes the world/life a nicer place. Say 'thank you' when someone goes out of their way to do something for you, say 'please' when your order your morning coffee and wish someone a 'good day' when you buy your lunch. 


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