Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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The only time my brain seems to switch off is when I'm cleaning the house - weird huh? I am definitely one of those people who just thinks and overthinks about everything. It doesn't matter how big or small is it I'll just overthink it, for example, it can be something simple as 'I think I'll have fish and chips for dinner... but what if there aren't any chips... is the fish out of date? How many are there left' - ridiculous. I surprise myself as well, as I didn't think the time where I wouldn't think about anything would be when I'm cleaning, usually that's when you do your thinking, isn't it? I find that if I have a bath I can't relax, as I'm by myself and is the ultimate thinking time. My problem is that as soon as i'm not doing something, especially when I'm hitting my head on the pillow, all the thoughts and thinking just happens. Meaning I can't sleep without thinking everything through. So, I definitely think too much, I'm not really sure how I can kick this out of the system or how to change that. Is it a bad thing that I think too much? Who says it is or it isn't? Now I'm rambling and thinking is thinking too much a bad thing? Do you think too much? Am I making sense?

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  1. Hahaha... Funny post! :D It is okay to think this much!! We all do, especially at this age! ;P Chill!! :)



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