Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sunday Coffee Chat | 08.02.15

Well, it's February already and what news have I got to share with you? This week, I got back on my blogging game and started to schedule this month's posts, I honestly wouldn't know what to do without my Blog Action planner. I've been working, I went and stayed with my chum in the week and had my first university interview, with the portfolio (you know the drama if you read my QT)! I also got my hair cut on Friday, I'm sure you'll see the outcomes of that soon! On to the links...

+ I've started a new book and I'm hooked, it's called 'Philomena' by Martin Sixsmith and it's based around a woman trying to find her son, after he was taken away from her as a child. It's a true story and I believe there's a film as well - I've watched the film trailers and i'm eager to finish the book and watch the film asap. 

+ I'm trialling a new mascara and i'm not too sure what to think of it just yet. It's the Maybelline Lash Sensational, I've seen people raving about it and saw it was on offer so thought I'd give it a go! I'm sure my review on this will be up soon! 

+ As you know, it wouldn't be a coffee chat without my weekly instalment of 'Broadchurch'. We are on the fifth episode now and I'm trying to work everything out and piece some things together. I don't want to spoil anything, but it's getting good! Perhaps when it finishes, I'll replace it with 'Game of Thrones' - I'm already on Series 2 episode 4! Any of you seen it?

+ I've been loving a new lipgloss that I bought last week, possible before? It's a Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in 'Nude-ist!'. It's so moisturising, great colour and very long-lasting, I'm sure a review of this will be up soon. 

+ I absolutely loved this post by Natalie, she's got such a great blog, I love reading it daily and seeing what she's up to. She's also got a fab youtube channel - check her out. 

+ I am obsessed with Ellie Goulding's song, 'Love Me Like You Do' - I just love, love, love it. 

+ Last Sunday I uploaded a new video, I vlogged my day of going in to London for a scary meeting and meeting up with my chum for lunch. You can see it in action, HERE.

Till next week ◇


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  1. <3 thank you, Isabella! I was watching your new coffee chat video and your shorter hair looks seriously amazing, so much hair envy going down.


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