Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Fashion Inspiration | Scandi Style


My previous fashion inspired feature was all about Olivia Palermo's style, which you can see here, and in the past I've focused on people rather than actual fashion trends. This month I've been very influenced by Scandinavian style and I've really come to love their fashion choices and overall style. I love how clean and natural the overall look gives. It’s not over-the-top or provocative. It appears that simplicity is highly valued, with a focus on high quality designs that are beautiful and functional. That doesn’t mean boring or stiff, cropped trousers are constantly worn: a higher hem means less splashes in the winter, and much easier for cycling, making it more practical for them. Monochrome: navy, black and white are the main colours featured in the palette of the Scandi style, as well as layers. I have learned that there is less of a divide over what constitutes men’s fashion and women’s fashion, for example, the Swedish jeans label, Cheap Monday are unisex. Scandinavian men opt for slimmer silhouettes than men from other parts of the world – slim trousers or v-neck shirts. Many Scandinavian designers feature boxy fashion, flat shoes  and menswear inspired style for women, which differs form the ultra-feminine style of Italy, for example. 

I think my favourite outfits from all of the above are the first and third in the last row. I love the grey scarf is the main feature, yet it's still such a neutral colour paired with a navy dress. I love how she's worn black socks and a sharp pointed boot, it really puts the outfit together. I love the layering of the turtle neck and then you can see the contrast of the white blouse or shirt underneath. The skinny jeans are a great comparison with the loose-fitted jumper and blouse and the loafers are just beautiful. I like the simple detailing of the strap across the shoe. I really like how simple, yet stylish the Scandi fashion is and you don't have to have a super colourful palette in your wardrobe at all - which totally matches mine. I think I'd like to hire someone to just kit my wardrobe out with the ultimate Scandi style treasures! 


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