Friday, February 27, 2015

The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

At the same time I received my mini Benefit Roller Lash, I had just bought the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. As I was about to apply a slick of mascara to my lashes, I didn't know which one to choose from, this is where the mascara war began. One between high-end and high-street, you can see my thoughts on the Benefit Roller Lash here, but now I'm ready to deliver my verdict on the high-street offering. Just to let you know, I wear contact lenses and have medium length eyelashes, so my experience may be different to yours! 

The brush itself is very similar to Benefit's offering, it has the same plastic curved shape. Although, I find that the Maybelline mascara is a bit chunkier, making it a bit easier to apply the product to the lashes, ensuring that it glides on smoothly. I also think that with it being a chunkier brush, it added more volume than the Roller Lash, even on the lower lashes too. Speaking of volume, it's amazing! Due to the brush being a bit thicker and the formula being a bit wetter than the Roller Lash, it gives more thickness and definition. I'm not entirely sure how long Maybelline claim the mascara lasts, but it does last well. My lashes don't drop in the middle of the day or loose any volume/curl. It doesn't flake or smudge on the lower lashes. I actually found that with this formula, after taking my makeup off before bed, I'd wake up the next morning with still a little bit on - nothing major, just the tiniest bit left, which the Roller Lash didn't have. 

I do think that this is a brilliant mascara and delivers on the volume and fuller lashes front. I have tried quite a few Maybelline mascaras and am always impressed with what they bring out and their claims are always met. I think for £7.99 it's a great mascara to purchase, the overall finish and effect it has is way more than the price tag. Overall, I do love that it has a slightly thicker brush and the wetter formula means you can build your look to how you want it without it being scratchy, plus it's cheap. However, I don't like how even with a good amount of eye makeup remover, the Lash Sensational wouldn't budge and if you're looking for lengthening then the Roller Lash would be my port of call. Although, I don't think I can choose between the two, I also don't think that you can take my review and think it will be the same for you, as everyone's lashes and eyes react differently to different formulas, so give it a go and let me know your thoughts! 



  1. This is my current fave mascara!
    But I use the waterproof version because I have stick straight lashes.
    Nice blog! :)

    Snaps + Pixels

  2. I love it too!! Oh really? I don't think I've tried that one, I'm not a big fan of waterproof mascaras, just have the fear of not being able to remove it ;) <3.


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