Thursday, February 05, 2015

Throwback Thursday: School Stances

When I went to stay with my chum, Darcy, last week we went to the cinema to see 'The Woman in Black: Angel of Death' which was so scary, but, good and we also watched one of our old school productions. Whilst I was there, she showed me some photos that she had from our school days and I came across this one. There's me in the middle with a very big egg head, next to me are two boys who I don't speak to anymore, but the one on the right was one of my best friends and the boy on the left was one of the funniest boys I knew! I have no idea why we were posing in such a way or how the occasion arose, but I really love the picture! I think it's because it just screams happiness and fun, plus it would have been such an effort as the photos were developed. I just love how old it looks - make sense? I do remember our school uniform being all black and hating it, however, if I had to wear it now, I reckon I'd be rocking it - what with a monochrome wardrobe and all!  


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  1. You Always Make me smile <3


    Red Alice


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