Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines Gift Guide for Guys & Gals

I haven’t decided on whether I’m pro Valentines or not. I don’t think there should be a designated day where you celebrate your love for another, I feel that this should be something that you do naturally everyday. It doesn’t have to be a big display of your “love”, but I personally love it when my other half (aka Rupey Pupey), surprises me by making a cup of tea without asking, or does something for me without me knowing. It’s the little things that I appreciate more than anything, especially when you live with that person, gifts or materialistic things don’t have as much glitter as they used to. However, I am still down for giving presents and so I have put together, a little something to help you think of a gift for your loved one. Even though it's the big day tomorrow, you've still got today to rush out and purchase a little gift. Whether it be a girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend - Valentines day can be for everyone and not just couples. 

Boys can be so difficult to buy for, they claim they want nothing or then decide that they do and it’s a ridiculous contraption that you can’t bring yourself to buy. Here are my suggestions, a dvd box set of a TV series could be safe you could either go with something they’ve never seen or one that they really love - this also leads to snuggles on the sofa with some hot chocolate. A polaroid camera is always fun, so he can capture any special moments that he wants to. Introducing cologne is always a nice gesture, they won’t assume you think they smell - don’t worry. I had a few samples and sprayed some on Rupert asking which he preferred, hey presto welcome Hugo Boss. If your boy is running late, get him a nice stylish watch, so he’s got a bit of arm candy and he’ll hopefully be on time for your dates in the diary, this one is from Daniel Wellington. If your man has all of the above, then why not take him to see something? Whether it’s a concert, play or comedy show, it’s a nice event you can do together and then perhaps go for dinner! Last of all, I bought this train ticket picture for Rupert, framed it and got our names and anniversary date printed on it. He really appreciated it and it links in with how much travelling we both do on a daily basis, plus we collect train tickets together. Something personalised is always a hit with the kids. 

Girls are a little bit easier, in my opinion, however I doubt Rupert will be getting me my puppy or pygmy hippo any time soon. Here are some realistic options for you. I love this Chroma Stationary notebook, they can personalise it for you with your name, colour, whether you want lines or not - it’s perfect. I hardly see my name on many things, so having it on my own notebook is perfect! Like I said, anything personalised is a tick in my box. A framed picture of you and your gal is always lovely, it’s personal and holds a memory that has been captured forever. Picking up your girlfriend’s scent is always handy, it shows that you pay attention to what she wears and is also great for her, as it doesn’t mean that she has to buy it when her current one runs out! Pretty jewellery will always be a safe option, as long as she’s showed you pre-valentines on anything she’s coveting, my advice for this is DON’T DO THIS IF YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT SHE LIKES. Last but not least, you can see train tickets, take your girl for a weekend away or a mini break. I would love to go to somewhere in the country and get away from the techno that I’m surrounded by, go for long walks, chat in warm pubs and be together. 

Remember, Valentines isn’t about buying gifts, it’s all about celebrating the love you have for this special someone. In my opinion, a simple card will suffice for me….( Read: King charles cavalier spaniel or pygmy hippo farm). What are you up to this Valentine's day? 


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