Friday, March 06, 2015

Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define & Black Goddess Mascara

I am always struggling with my brows and always on the hunt to try something new. I was kindly sent the Ultimate Brow Define* by Eye of Horus in the shade 'Medium Brown' to try out and here are my thoughts on why you need to pick one up yourself. 

The brow pencil comes in three shades and each have a dual end, one is a wax based colour and the other is a spoolie, which is the best one I have ever used. To use the colour, you simply twist it upwards which means no sharpener needed! When I first picked up the pencil, my first thought was that it's super thin, but I like it as it allows for easy application and the dual ended design is such a great tool and perfect for travelling.  The formula contains Candelilla as well as Coconut and Castor oil which both help promote hair growth. Due to the pencil being quite thin, the 'lead' itself is also slim which allows you to be precise with your application and target areas which are difficult to fill, it also ensures that you create a natural appearance that isn't too thick or strong. The formula is very long lasting and the product stays in place for the whole day which is brilliant. I am so impressed with the formula, design and how it makes my brows look after application. It's definitely one of my favourite brow products I've ever used. 

As well as the brow pencil, they also sent me the Goddess Mascara* in black, the design is so gorgeous and slick. According to the description, this mascara is good for 'fine and brittle lashes' as well as sensitive eyes. I know that when I've been wearing my contact lenses for a while or my eyes get a bit dry, the last thing I want to do is wear eye makeup, so I tested wearing just this on the eyes for a whole day with my contact lenses and it didn't irritate my eyes or feel heavy on the lashes which is great. The mascara is definitely lengthening, volumizing and nourishing for the lashes and due to its natural based formula it doesn't clump, smudge or run, leaving you with the perfect finish. The brush is in an hourglass design and is made of Silicon, which makes it quite flexible to use, meaning you can hit all the lashes that you wouldn't be able to. The massed bristles help separate and lengthen the individual lashes, which is great as I find that some mascaras can stick some lashes together, which is not the desired effect. Overall, I am very happy with both products and it's safe to say that these will become staples in my makeup bag. 

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