Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How To Stay Productive When Working From Home

I love how I'm about to share a list on how to be productive when I've just procrastinated in writing this post and I'm working from home... oh dear! I can't say that when I work from home I'm always productive, because I wouldn't be telling you the truth and there will be times, but below are just a few tips on how to be better at it than I am...

- Start the day off by jumping in the shower and getting dressed
- Eat breakfast, even just a sip of coffee
- Write your to-do list for the day, make it realistic
- Decide how long you're going to work for
- Remove anything that you think will distract you
- Complete all the tasks that are urgent first
- Give yourself a deadline
- Take proper breaks
- Work in natural light
- Drink plenty of water
- Don't waste time on unimportant tasks
- Don't let your email become your to-do list
- Remember to sign off. 

Then you can go back to Twitter, Instagram and Netflix...


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  1. Thanks for sharing, great post going to try these tips xx


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