Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's day is only a few days away (Psst.. it's on Sunday) and it's time to treat your one and only mumma with some gifts. I do love creating gift guides as I love nothing more than buying presents for me and wrapping it up, especially watching their reaction, despite putting them under pressure to like the gift. Writing a gift guide makes me feeling like I'm buying them too! I hope one or two of the ideas above will give you an idea of what to purchase or something you've been hunting for and couldn't find the right thing! I feel that the presents above are ones to make your dear mum smile, unfortunately I don't live with my mum but I will be sending her some love in the post and will speak to her on the phone no date, so do cherish the time you have with your mumma and love her lots! 

P.S. Most of the gifts I chose were me thinking of my mum in mind, she loves dragonflies hence the cushion. She loves cooking and her recipes are just so delicious and I want to make them myself, especially the Malaysian dishes. Most of the gifts above have alternate versions that fit to your own mum's likes and also, a lot of the items were chosen from NOT ON THE HIGHTSTREET, I'm not sponsored by them, I just think they're a great online shop to source lots of different things! 



  1. OMG! I'm glad you posted this or I would of completely of forgotten about mothers day and not gotten my mom anything.

  2. Haha, bless you! I hope you got her something nice <3.


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